Mobile app

MVP maximizes every minute of your in-store experience.


No more endless waiting around for an employee or trying to locate and/or know the availability of a product in a department store. Our innovative technology makes it quicker and easier for customers to find what they’re looking for and maximize their time!

• Immediate assistance available

Not all customers need to wait to talk to a salesperson, especially when “the customer is always right!”

Useful information such as the number of items available, their sizes, or exact locations, are accessible in just a few clicks. This saves everyone time.
voilà ce qui sauve du temps à tout le monde.

• Easy to use

The user-friendly interface allows everyone to find exactly what they’re looking for in less time than it takes to ask! That’s the whole concept! Less searching, more finding.


+ 80% of consumers know what they want:
EMPOWER them with MVP.