Interactive kiosk

Direct access to your materials counter!

Improve order-taking efficiency with a self-service kiosk

Interactive kiosks are now part of consumers’ daily lives. With labour shortages affecting many sectors such as retail and food service, MVP kiosks can be part of the solution.

Here’s how MVP can help you manage your operations.


A SELF-SERVICE KIOSK allows you to:

1. REDUCE line-ups at the materials counter

2. OPTIMIZE customer service

3. LIMIT the effects of labour shortages

4. PROVIDE an effective tool for your staff

Why choose MVP?

MVP’s solutions are known for their reliability, ease of application and use, data protection, durability, and, most importantly, customer service

By choosing MVP, you get a turnkey solution that delivers real results.


  • System setup and synchronization
  • In-store installation
  • Support, maintenance, and updates
  • Detailed stats
  • Training
  • In-store marketing proposal
  • “Out-of-store” advertising

***Discount available for multiple stores/multiple kiosks***

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Expert team | Quality service

Our products are designed in collaboration with leading manufacturers. The interactive kiosk is manufactured by Nummaxa Canadian company specialized in digital display solutions.

MVP uses an interactive self-service kiosk that offers many benefits.

Several options available
We have various options to meet your needs. Some of the options we offer: receipt/order form printers, PIN pad support, barcode scanners for loyalty cards, HD camera.

Compatible with all inventory systems
The 32” transactional kiosk can be configured to work with inventory systems such as Acceo, Epicor, WooCommerce, Magento, and others.

3-year warranty and 60,000-hour service life
With a 3-year warranty on parts and labour and a lifespan of nearly 7 years, our digital interactive kiosks are built to last.

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